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Authenticity and the Law of Attraction

Is it possible to be authentic while simultaneously utilizing the law of attraction as we’ve come to understand it? I don’t think so. For that law of attraction tells us we must consistently think so-called “positive” thoughts SO THAT we can attract our dreams—dreams of wealth, free time and romance. In other words, it tells us to bargain with the universe like this: IF I think positive, work my affirmations, and my vision boards, THEN the universe will give me what I want. Do we really imagine that the universe needs our puny little bargains? But it IS possible to be authentic and simultaneously utilize the tenets of the new revised version of the law of attraction—for that one does not encourage us to have a bargaining relationship with the divine or with the universe. That one is the one that the ancient sacred texts from several different religions tell us about. That one brings us to conscious awareness of who we really are. Want to know more? Don’t miss this show.