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Your Soul’s Desire

Have you ever experienced a deep longing of which the manifestation just seemed to keep eluding you? In this day and age in which many of us are vision boarding and affirming our little hind ends off trying to manifest these longings, we tend to judge ourselves for our inability to come home to these seeming soul desires. But understanding a soul desire and distinguishing it from all the other things that can mimic soul desire is an inner and heroic journey. If, for example, we can start the sentence with “I’ve always wanted to…” that desire could be a soul desire, or it could be a desire that comes from the need to avoid some pain, or escape some seemingly more difficult reality, or to bargain with the so-called fates. So, how do we go about the process of manifesting soul desire if we aren’t even sure what soul desire is? Well, the first process is going to have to be getting to know ourselves at the level of the soul. Want to know more? Tune in—it could change your life.