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Worthy or Not?

Somewhere along the way, as we evolved as a species, we developed a concept of worthiness. We decided then that we could be measured as either worthy or unworthy based on our actions, thoughts and emotions. Because we’d made that decision, we devised moral codes to align ourselves with or against, as the measuring stick we would use to determine our worthiness or unworthiness. We needed this measuring stick because we thought that our fortunes in life depended on our worthiness or unworthiness. And so we have built our entire worlds, our thoughts, our motivations and our moods around this concept, now deeply embedded in the archetypal worlds of the unconscious mind and running large portions of the conscious mind. And most of us would acknowledge that we get the short end of this stick—always ending up more unworthy than worthy. But what if this constant measuring were found to be not only unnecessary but completely false? Tune in this Wednesday to find out.