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Therapy and Religion

Once upon a time Therapy and Religion were considered to be separate compartments of the human experience. But now, more and more, we are beginning to see a mixing and blending of religion/spirituality and therapy. Our guest this week has much to share with us about this phenomenon particularly as it relates to two things: 1) the power of relationship and 2) psychoanalysis and Buddhism. Pilar Jennings, PhD is the author of Mixing Minds: The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism. Obviously relationship is at the center of both the practice of religion and the practice of therapy. But how do we engage both practices in a therapeutic setting without reducing either to the terms of the other? Can we legitimately explore both in the therapeutic setting trusting that neither will be reduced to the terms of the other? Do you ever wonder if your psychological issues are really spiritual or vice versa? Tune in, you might just walk away with your answer.