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The Journey of the Soul

Right this second there are millions of us living in fear of making a mistake, or of what might happen next. This fear is the source of our strategizing, plotting and planning for how we might survive, how we might make things go “right,” even how we might outwit our own fears. Yet even as we are doing this, the soul is on a journey of its own. And it is using these very strategies and fears to bring us to a clearer vision of ourselves. Today, we are going to be talking to an expert on the Journey of the Soul, Simran Singh, publisher of the award-winning 11:11 Magazine, visionary, catalyst coach and the host of her own 7th Wave radio show called 11:11 Radio, on which she has interviewed some of the world’s spiritual giants in order to facilitate our understanding of this journey of the soul. Tune in Wednesday to learn about your own soul’s journey.