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Did I just hear that “Dun-Dun” that goes off whenever “Law and Order” comes on? We do get the two mixed up quite a bit—Karma and Law and Order. What’s been passed down to us is a definition of Karma that means that what goes around comes around. So, we can always say to that—expletives deleted—ex-husband or wife, “Yeah, well what goes around comes around!” believing with all of our hearts that they are going to get theirs. Right? And we can say to those selfish, close-minded whatever, whatever politicians that they are going to get theirs too. Then we can wash our hands of the whole affair and assume that in this lifetime or the next, or the next—justice will eventually be done. Dun-Dun! Law and Order. But what if Karma isn’t what goes around comes around? What if it doesn’t fall in that dualistic framework at all? What if the Law of Karma, gives us something much higher, much more powerful and soul-enhancing than Law and Order? Tune in to find out more.