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Healing the Healer

Are you a healer? Do you have a life-goal of becoming a healer? Do you see yourself healing others? Do you carry with you the healer-archetype? Are you a Chiron—Wounded Healer? The healer archetype has thrust itself again through the curtains of the collective unconscious and has basically become a buzz word for the New Age/New Thought book sellers and marketing gurus. The healer archetype presented in the form of a persona, makes a face like a healer. It informs the world around it that if that world will just come to the healer, that world will be healed. Of course, most healers would deny that they have the power to heal the world, but we do believe that we can heal others. We’ve put all kinds of parameters around that, including the notion that the person has to request our healing powers. But seriously, does one person really heal another? Or is all healing really self-healing? Tune in to find out.