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Healing and Transforming Your Life

Michael Mirdad is back to the Authentic Living show for the third time, to talk to us about his latest book, Healing the Heart and Soul: A five-step, Soul-level Healing Process for Transforming Your Life. Bestselling author of The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path, Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss, and You’re Not going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up! Michael is also a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and counselor, who has facilitated thousands of classes, lectures, and workshops throughout the world on mastery, spirituality, relationships and healing. He is suitably named the “teacher’s teacher” and the “healer’s healer,” due to his ability to share the deepest teachings in a clear, applicable manner. From Michael, you can expect to learn all about how to move from dark nights of the soul to a new life. Don’t miss this powerful show!