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Dee Wallace: Turn On Your Bright Light

We all remember Dee Wallace, playing the mother role, in that wonderfully moving and uplifting movie, ET. Well, she’s had an amazing career as actress, playing in other movies, including Cujo, The Howling, Ten, The Frighteners and Critters, staring in four TV series and over 400 commercials. She’s one of Hollywood’s most sought after TV guest stars. And from there, she became a healer and spiritual leader. How did that happen? Her latest book, Bright Light, tells us all about that unorthodox path from actor to spiritual leader while inspiring us all to passionately follow our own heart and creative wisdom to wherever the bright light of the inner self takes us. Through her acting endeavors and the coaching she received she was able to tap into that intuitive river that some call the zone, and simultaneously let go of emotions and issues from her own past to connect with her inner light. This show will be all about how you can do that too.