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The Mandate to Fear

Most of us are not even fully aware of the number of times a day when we operate out of fear. It compels our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions like an underground river moves and shifts the earth. We don’t just protect ourselves, which is our right; we overprotect ourselves, and in so doing we create so many security blankets that our authenticity has to break through as a crisis in order to be heard! All the while, we are euphemistically changing its terms to anxiety and stress. But it’s really just fear, folks; fear that is so familiar that we don’t realize its daily influence. In fact, in our world, to not be afraid is to betray social mores, social constructs that mandate us all to stay in the same mindset. But fear is produced by duality—the belief that we are here alone on this planet with no one to tend us but random luck, or worse yet, we are left to our own devices. Are you afraid? Tune in—you may be surprised at the remedy to fear.